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  • YOYBUY 1-click-order
  • 1. What is YOYBUY 1-click-order?
  • YOYBUY 1-click-order is a browser addon (available for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome) that allows you to add any items to your YOYBUY shopping cart directly from
  • 2. When does YOYBUY 1-click-order help me?
  • 1-click-order is a great help when you want to look for products directly on online shops instead of searching for them with filtered results on Taobao intermediate sites.
  • 3. How do I use YOYBUY 1-click-order?
  • Just download and install YOYBUY 1-click-order addon (follow the picture instructions on the right). Then, when visiting, just choose your favorite items, right-click, and select “YOYBUY 1-click-order.”
  • Installation
  • 1.Why does the antivirus software display a warning window during the installation process?
  • Some antivirus software may have been programmed to intercept installation programs. Just check “Allow” or other similar options, and click “OK” to continue setting up.
  • 2.I have installed 1-click-order in my IE browser. Why does the add-on not work on other browsers?
  • There are three version of the YOYBUY 1-click-order. Each correlates to the browser it is compatible with: IE browser, Firefox browser, and Google browser. Please download the version that matches with your browser.
  • 3.I have installed YOYBUY 1-click-order, is it necessary to do it again?
  • No, it is not necessary to install YOYBUY 1-click-order more than once.
How to use 1-click-order? >>
  • How do I install 1-click-order?
  • Step 1:Click the 'download' button. A "chrome.crx" tab should appear on the bottom left corner of the browser.

    Step 2: Please click the tool on the upper right corner of the browser, and select "Extensions."

    Step 3: Click and pull the "Chrome" tab on the bottom left corner of the browser to the page, and drop.

    Step 4: Click the "add" button to install. on: